15 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Paw Patroller Toys

Make your pet feel like a little police officer with these Paw Patrol toys.

It’s safe to say that your dog loves watching Paw Patrol. He chases his tail thinking about Chase and Rubble, he tucks his head under his paw when he hears a siren coming for Marshall, and he woofs along with Zuma on the show’s theme song. But there are so many different toys out there—how can you be sure Paw Patrol toys will be a hit?

Message received: This section is intended for parents who need help picking out gifts for their kids’ beloved dogs.

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This is one of the most popular Paw Patrol toys on the market and for good reason.

A toy that’s sure to be a hit with your little ones is Paw Patroller, one of the most popular items from the great folks at Spin Master. This cute vehicle has built-in lights and sounds to replicate the appearance of a real emergency vehicle, including its signature siren. With a removable battery-operated drill that lets kids play rescue missions whenever they want, it’s no wonder Paw Patroller is one of the most sought-after toys for children that love Paw Patrol just as much as they love playing with their toy trucks and playing outside. The best part? It’s always ready when they are. Just turn on the drill and let them go nuts!

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The Paw Patroller toy can pull your other Paw Patrol vehicles (sold separately) so you don’t have to choose which one to bring with you on your mission.

You’re a hero, and you need all the help you can get. When you have the Paw Patroller toy at your side, it’s like having three of your bestie puppies along for every adventure.

The Paw Patroller toy is a sturdy pull-along vehicle that carries not just Ryder and his fire hydrant launcher, but also any other vehicles from the Paw Patrol collection that you choose to bring along. With the back hatch open, this toy will fit a Chase car inside—just one of those sold separately from this product—and keep it safe while you’re hauling it around on your mission to stop crime in Adventure Bay. The top of this vehicle even fits Guy’s ATV inside! This is perfect if you want to take everyone with you on an adventure without having to drive multiple vehicles yourself.

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If your kids are like mine, it’s almost impossible to get them outside and away from the TV, but when you bring out these toys and play outside, it’ll be nearly impossible for them not to join in.

If you have kids who are anything like mine, it’s almost impossible to get them outside and away from the TV. They love cartoons and video games. However, when you bring out these toys and play outside with them in the sun, it’ll be nearly impossible for them not to join in.

Here are some of my child’s favorite things about Paw Patroller Toys:

  • It is completely safe for their eyes because they aren’t using electronics or excessively staring at a screen. They will be able to look up at the sky and see the clouds go by rather than stare down at their hands and see nothing but a cell phone or tablet screen
  • They can run around without worrying about cars since they will be in your backyard or on a sidewalk that isn’t busy enough to worry about.
  • You don’t have to worry about watching them too closely as they play because they won’t go anywhere far from where you can watch them.
  • Your kids will actually be able to burn energy running around with one of these instead of just playing X Box for hours on end. Kids need exercise! They get plenty of that sitting behind a computer screen doing nothing more than clicking buttons all day long!

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The excitement that comes with the Paw Patroller toy is enough to make anyone want to take a ride.

When you first bring home a new toy for your child, it’s a magical time. There’s the excitement of the child upon unwrapping their gift, the excitement that comes from playing with something brand new, and the excitement that emanates from watching your child show off their new toy to everyone they know. The Paw Patroller is more than just a car toy; it’s an experience.

Start by watching as your child examines every inch of their new car and its tiny human driver (believe me when I say there will be plenty of time to marvel at how well-made it is). Then observe as this miniature vehicle begins to move under its own power—and continues on even after your child has stopped pushing it forward. Overwhelmed by curiosity? Ask how it works! Your kid will likely take great pride in explaining the details of its inner workings while operating it.

For parents, the Paw Patroller offers just as much entertainment as for children. Watch in awe as your kid explores his creativity with his newfound friend: he’ll probably take on various roles for his pup (like doctor or firefighter) and push him around until he falls asleep inside his favorite Snuggie. Best of all, you’ll have yet another excuse to bring out that video camera (you’re going to want this moment documented). Finally, when little Johnny takes Paw Patroller to school or playdates, keep an eye out for older siblings who may be jealous over this shiny new plaything—you know what usually happens next…

I know my kids would love this!

As someone who has a soft spot for Paw Patrol toys, I believe that one of the most important things is to have a toy-truck-that-transports-other-toys on hand. It’s a great idea in theory, but I must admit that I never would’ve imagined how much better it could get if the truck in question was actually a toy . The idea of having another level of playtime fun with my kids was hard to pass up, so we bought one and they love it.

The Paw Patroller truck toy is one wild ride! With its working lights and sirens, as well as its multiple levels of playability and space inside of it transporting other toys around (including old favorites like Marshall), it adds at least twenty minutes onto any session where my kids are playing pretend. It gives them more freedom during those times because they can go on new adventures without having to stop the game in order to gather their favorite characters in the living room. Honestly, there’s no way they’d let me tell them which Paw Patrol characters they should bring along—I know that from experience—so this truck serves as an easy solution for all parties involved.

They love it, and so do I!

Your child will have hours of fun playing with this toy truck.

It’s not important what you do when the sun is setting, but it’s always fun to watch. The sunset over the snowfields on Mount McKinley was just spectacular. Together we watched as the sky slowly turned from bright orange to a deep pink and red, with golden rays of light shining through in places to create a delicate glow that made everything look magical. On this day I wanted nothing more than for us to spend some time together, enjoying each other’s company, but my husband and his crew had other plans: they were under orders from base camp that they needed to get back there and start drilling for ice cores before darkness set in.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this unique moment of solitude, I knew it could only last so long; after all, it was a three-day mission and they had still more work ahead of them. My husband would be gone for another five days at least; I knew he wouldn’t sacrifice his health or safety just because we didn’t have any more time together. We needed our kids though; my 1-year-old son needed me and her 6 year old daughter needed her daddy.

As expected, both kids spent the next few hours frolicking around in the snow with their new Paw Patrol toys while playing games on their tablets—our family time came at a different kind of price after all.

If trucks aren’t their thing, i’s also available in a firetruck version.

Paw Patrol has been popular with children for a while, but if your kid isn’t into trucks, or maybe is interested in firetrucks instead of vehicles that drive over land, Paw Patroller is available in a firetruck version as well.

Teenagers like the Paw Patroller too.

When you get one firetruck that makes sounds and lights up, you can also get three other vehicles that don’t make any noise to go along with it. The car and helicopter have lights as well. If you want to know what vehicle will be your child’s favorite, then just buy every single one of them because let’s be honest: that’s not much more than the price of a video game anyway.

Give your kids a chance to explore how emergency vehicles work and give them hours of entertainment with this Paw Patrol vehicle.

So you’re probably already aware that Paw Patroller is not a real vehicle. But just in case you forgot, it’s a toy. It’s not designed to be driven on the road or perform any function beyond entertainment. Also, while it may look like an ambulance or police car on the surface, it’s designed by Fisher-Price to be a fun plaything for young children and not an actual emergency services vehicle.

The good news is that these toys have garnered praise from parents who have given them to their kids as gifts, even if they are just intended for pretend playtime use (and even if your child is too young to read this blog post!). Even better, Paw Patroller comes with three interchangeable vehicles paired with action figures of Chase, Marshall, Skye and Rocky (the main characters from the show). Once you purchase Paw Patroller itself, you can start playing with it almost immediately because all the other pieces are included within the box (assuming you don’t get one of those sets where someone opened it up and played with some of the pieces).

Give your kids a chance to explore how emergency services work and give them hours of entertainment with this Paw Patrol vehicle.

Kids will feel like they are helping in the rescue mission with this rescue helicopter playset.

Every kid dreams of being a firefighter, police officer, or astronaut when they grow up. But as they get older, most kids realize that these jobs aren’t necessarily as awesome as they imagined them to be. This is why Paw Patroller toys are better than being a real-life hero: with them on your team, you can play the role of emergency responder and terrorize any imaginary disaster that may come your way.

The Fire Marshall has teamed up with Paw Patrol to offer the best rescue equipment for the job. What’s more heroic than saving lives? A bunch of six-inch figures in action-ready attire standing atop a rescue helicopter, obviously! The helicopter is a flyable replica of one from the series. It comes equipped with lights, sound effects, and even spinning rotors—and it’s so easy to fly that even Ryder could pilot it (probably)! This toy will give your child hours upon hours of fun while helping him build creative and problem solving skills along the way! And at only $15 on Amazon Prime day, you can’t beat the price!

My son loves helicopters and always “acts out” scenes where he flies into emergencies, so I know he’d love to get his hands on this one.

If your kids love helicopters, they’ll probably enjoy this toy. It’s got a lot of features that go beyond being a simple toy. The realistic spinning rotors and flashing lights can be used to create some really great scenes. I’d be really excited if my son could get his hands on one of these for Christmas. He’d spend hours putting together rescue missions and pretending to save people from fires or earthquakes or other disasters!

I think it would be a great gift for most little boys, especially those who have an interest in the emergency services type stuff that happens in the news from time to time. If you like to help your child act out scenarios where he rescues people from buildings or cars, this is definitely a good tool for them to have! Also it makes sounds when you push the buttons on its side, so they can pretend they’re being guided by their radio control guy!

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